A New look of Decapsulator

This year’s big news about Decapsulator is the outstanding new look of CS5. After considering some suggestions from our customer and the positive feedback about the shape of CS3-A, CS5 has been applied with a more stylish design.

CS5 oldnew

Changes on CS5:

  •  Normal Gauge → Digital Gauge
  •  Indication Lights → Dialog Boxes
  •  Sensor in Hopper → Antenna Sensor
  •  Upturning Metal Door → Dark Acrylic Door
  •  Upgraded structure and material


Based on the principle of vacuum separation, CS5 is the most efficient type to eliminate capsule defects and retrieve useful pharmaceuticals. When something goes wrong with your capsule filling process, it is always feasible to start over with Decapsulator CS5.

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Post time: Jan-12-2018
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