What is The Difference Between The Deblister machine ETC-120A and ETC-120AL in Function and Specifications?

https://youtu.be/t5R3lZIy2aE                               https://youtu.be/-pKHgsqfbsk



1.Firstly,from the shape of them ,ETC-120A is a seated machine,when it starts to work,you need put it on a table and an extra bucket needs to be prepared for the abandoned blisters. About ETC-120AL ,we have made some improvements on it, with a movable holder, a barrel and a lengthened feeding structure based on ETC-120A, Pills will fall into the barrel after taking out from blisters.

2.Secondly,from the function and efficiency of them,they are all automatically feeding deblistering machine,feeding and discharging is consecutive with a max efficiency of 120 boards per minute.

Attention: To ensure a high running speed, blisters are required with high standards or results will be effected just as qualities of empty capsules effecting filling rates. Therefore, blisters should be flat, neat and regularly arranged. Warped blisters will get stuck during feeding and make the machine running unsmooth.

In order to let you know more about the two models intuitively , our company has uploaded the product video on You Tube. If you still in doubt, please click the follow links:

ETC 120A     https://youtu.be/t5R3lZIy2aE

ETC 120AL   https://youtu.be/-pKHgsqfbsk 

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Post time: Sep-27-2018
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