• A New look of Decapsulator
    Post time: 01-12-2018

    This year’s big news about Decapsulator is the outstanding new look of CS5. After considering some suggestions from our customer and the positive feedback about the shape of CS3-A, CS5 has been applied with a more stylish design. Changes on CS5:  Normal Gauge → Digital Gauge  Indication Lights ...Read more »

  • ECS: To Sort Out Empty Or  Half-filled Capsules
    Post time: 12-19-2017

    Introduction: Empty Capsule Sorter (ECS) uses Bernoulli principle to create stable and adjustable suction out of compressed air, sorting capsules by weight. Heavy ones will pass through the port while light ones, especially those unfilled capsule shells will be sucked into other tunnels.   Purp...Read more »

  • What Is the Advantage of Vacuum Decapsulator
    Post time: 09-26-2017

    Vacuum Decapsulator is actually a less common type on the pharmaceutical market, mostly because encapsulation is easy to control. Nevertheless, this unusual machine still gets popular among pharmaceutical producers as a necessary precaution for improper capsule closing. Here are some advantages o...Read more »

  • Why Choose Halo Pharmatech
    Post time: 09-18-2017

    Why choose Halo Pharmatech as one of your suppliers in the pharmaceutical industry? Here are some reasons for you to find out: Product Innovation and improvements are the cornerstone of product development. In Halo Pharmatech, all machines are designed based on the need for pharmaceutical produc...Read more »

  • A New Way for Capsule Weight Inspection
    Post time: 07-25-2017

    Back in 2012, Halo Pharmatech started to develop a new-type capsule checkweigher, which was distinguished from most of other weighing machines on the market. Unlike other types of capsule weigher, the working speed of this machine is unfixed, totally up to its user. Its building-block-liked stru...Read more »

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