Application of Capsule Checkweigher in GMP of Pharmaceutical Industry

Capsule Checkweigher automatically weighing、automatic data collection、automatic calculation of quality data.

With the implementation of the new VERSION of GMP, more and more pharmaceutical enterprises need to upgrade their equipment and facilities, or improve their process flow. For capsule pharmaceutical companies, the requirements are higher and the cycle is shorter. It is difficult to control the net content accurately and efficiently in the process of capsule filling.

The disadvantages of manual sampling inspection commonly used at present:

  1. Waste of time
  2. Easy to make mistakes
  3. Easy to fatigue
  4. Data risk

The benefits of automatic capsule checkweigher to customers:

  1. Save labor costs: automatic loading of capsule、automatic data collection, greatly reduce the intensity of operator’s field work, avoid human error, and make the whole process clear and controllable
  2. Reduce the risk of error: if there is any risk, alert the operator immediately and record it in the database, which can be traced at any time.
  3. Reduce material cost: the collected data are automatically analyzed by computer and feed back to the front end for adjustment and control, so as to avoid overfilling and effectively reduce the cost of raw materials.
  4. Conform to regulatory requirements: in accordance with 21 CFR Part11
  5. Data traceability: administrators can view the data in real time at any time without the risk of data loss

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Post time: Aug-27-2020
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