China’s pharmaceutical machinery industry will continue to move forward in 2020

In the past 2019, the pharmaceutical machinery industry through efforts, a large number of new equipment, new technologies, new processes, new solutions emerged. Now 2020 has come, the pharmaceutical machinery industry also needs to continue to move forward, to push forward the development of China’s pharmaceutical machinery industry.


Dare to compete with foreign enterprises, to make professional products with characteristics.

With the rapid development of foreign pharmaceutical machinery, a large number of foreign companies have set up factories in China in order to seize more domestic market share. In the face of this situation, domestic pharmaceutical machinery should be more innovative ideas, promote technological innovation. Some experts said that when the price of foreign pharmaceutical machinery is acceptable, if domestic pharmaceutical machinery enterprises still maintain the past thinking, and cannot compete with foreign pharmaceutical machinery enterprises to make some professional, characteristic products, then The pressure on Chinese pharmaceutical machinery enterprises will be very great.


We will push forward the development of intelligent pharmaceutical machinery.

Intelligent is the only way for pharmaceutical machinery enterprises to implement “Made in China 2025″, and 2020 is an important year for pharmaceutical machinery industry to transform to intelligent. But the personage inside course of study also points out, what enterprise talks to intelligence, information is more now, and true intelligence still is very deficient, what some products do is automation, information. Therefore, facing the critical year of the intelligent turning point of pharmaceutical machinery, pharmaceutical machinery enterprises need to brave the obstacles and move forward bravely.


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Post time: Aug-19-2020
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