Compared with Brushless Capsule Polisher and Traditional Brush Capsule Polisher

Brushless capsule polisher adopts brushless mode, completely solve the problems of traditional brush polishing machine, such as unclean polishing, sticky powder polishing dirtier, and brushes are difficult to cleaning.

In the polishing process of capsule brush polisher, the sticky powder is easy to make the surface of capsule lose luster, because the high speed rotation of brush polisher rub the surface of capsule, which will greatly increase the temperature. The sticky powder melts and acts as an abrasive like toothpaste; the low-speed rotation of disk for brushless capsule polisher is about 60 RPM , won’t make capsules fever, so there will be no appear the phenomenon that sticky powder melting will scratch the surface of the capsule, cloth will clean the sticky powder on the surface of capsule. This is completely different from the traditional brush polishers, which use relatively sparse and hard bristles and rely on high-speed rotation of thousands of revolutions per minute.

Traditional brush capsule polisher is difficult to clean; the non-dust polishing cloth of disk is gently, do not take off a silk, easy to disassembly and assembly, easy to clean, like wiping the capsule with towel by your hand, polishing the capsule thoroughly.PCS-5000 (1)

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Post time: Nov-23-2020
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