Conveyor Weight Checker

DMC High Precision Omnipotent Conveyor Weight Checker, can work with all kinds of packaging production line or equipment. In the process of dynamic drug delivery, DMC can realize the online weight test for all kinds of PE bottles, boxes, bags, tubes, PVC expansion sheet, penicillin bottle, cans and other packaging drugs in all forms and sizes, online sorting qualified products and unqualified products according to the pre-set weight range.

DMC can detect whether the weight of drug is qualified, and can also accurately detect whether there is less leakage in the packaging process, accurately and quickly get rid of defective products. For example, the packaging bottle or boxes whether there is a lack of medicine, whether there is half a pill, the lack of instructions, the lack of desiccant and the other production and packaging process produced in the production of a variety of defects(can be reflected by the weight difference)for precise and rapid sorting, improve the qualified rate of factory, reduce the complaint of market.DMC-H (1)

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Post time: May-20-2020
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