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The 59th national pharmaceutical machinery and China international pharmaceutical machinery expo (autumn 2020) has been held in chongqing international expo center from November 3rd to November 5th in 2020.

1. Capsule & Tablet Checkweigher

Capsule & Tablet Checkweigher can realize the global ultra-high dynamic detection accuracy of ±0.3mg, is designed for drug research and development, precise and micro loading drug weighing, the innovation of “unit extension structure” and “infinite parallel” working mode makes the detection efficiency can be infinite.

2. Capsule & Tablet Sampling Machine

Capsule & Tablet Sampling Machine connecting with capsule filling machine and tablet press machine. Capsule & Tablet Sampling Machine is used for capsule/tablet online sampling weight,  real time monitoring, conform to 21CFR part11, ensure data integrity.

3. Decapsulator

Decapsulator using the jet vacuum principle, the recovery process of powder fully meets the requirements of GMP and the equipment meets the requirements of 21CFR-part211D, it is good helper of capsule filling workshop.

4. Deblistering Machine

Deblistering machine ETC has the advantages of strong commonality, fast speed, not damage drugs, deblistering completely, etc. Deblistering Machine ETC is a small equipment to squeeze drugs(capsule, tablet, soft capsule, etc.) out quickly from aluminum plastic blister boards. Deblistering machine is often used in aluminum plastic blister packaging workshops.

All the time, the development of capsule checkweigher and pharmaceutical industry progress together. The first set of capsule checkweigher for HALO was delivered to a pharmaceutical factory. HALO has been working hard to learn from the pharmaceutical industry’s strict control of its quality control on the road of technology development. HALO is committed to working closely with customers and partners in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that quality issues are improved.

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Post time: Nov-11-2020
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