High Efficiency Capsule Polishing Machine

Capsule polishing machine is a kind of special capsule polishing equipment with sorting function. It can not only remove the dust on the surface of capsule, improve the finish and eliminate static electricity, but also remove the empty shell, empty capsule and half capsule quickly and effectively with the air separator.

The parts of capsule polishing machine can be quickly disassembled, cleaned and connected, extremely convenient and fast. Capsule polishing machine can be connected with automatic capsule filling machine. Capsule polishing machine are made of 304 stainless steel, fully in line with GMP standards.

The body of capsule polishing machine and parts in contact with the drugs are made of non-toxic, corrosion resistance material. Capsule polishing machine has the advantages of simple structure, not easy to damage, long service life, convenient operation and maintenance, good polishing performance, higher efficiency. Capsule polishing machine is a kind of special equipment for pharmaceutical, adhere to in the capsule can polish and clean powder, the polishing of capsule is more bright, clean and beautiful.

According to the national pharmaceutical enterprises need to classify and summarize the project and provide effective solutions, the capsule polishing machine adopts advanced processing technology and equipment, improve the pre-sale/after-sale service to ensure the quality of products, to serve various customers in the pharmaceutical industry.


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Post time: Apr-30-2021
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