Improve the level of capsule checkweigher to help pharmaceutical factory high quality development

Improve the level of capsule checkweigher to help pharmaceutical factory high quality development

Under the background of no capsule checkweigher in the past, the pharmaceutical factory adopts the manual sampling method, which leads to the drug weight is not standard, and there is a hidden danger. In this context, pharmaceutical factories need to purchase capsule checkweigher, pharmaceutical equipment enterprises need to improve the level of capsule checkweigher.

In recent years, capsule checkweigher in the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry to continue to develop, in order to regulate the market competition order, to help capsule checkweigher towards high quality development, pharmaceutical machine industry related standard revision work also accelerated on the agenda.

It can be predicted that, with the relevant standards of pharmaceutical machinery enterprises will continue to establish and improve, as well as the future of enterprise product standardization work landing, will pave the way for capsule checkweigher towards high quality, standardization, environmental protection direction.

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