Progress and development of capsule checkweigher in China in 2021

Dare to compete with foreign capsule checkweigher, make a professional characteristic capsule checkweigher

In recent years, the pharmaceutical machinery industry in China has achieved great breakthroughs through continuous innovation and development. Take capsule checkweigher as an example, capsule checkweigher is relatively good in connection and matching, and has modular design and so on.

With the rapid development of the technology of foreign capsule checkweigher, a large number of foreign companies have set up factories in China in order to seize more domestic market share. In the face of this situation, domestic capsule checkweigher should be more innovative ideas, promote technical innovation. In 2021, it is believed that with the efforts of pharmaceutical machinery enterprises, the development of capsule checkweigher in China will be very rapid.

Push the intelligent development of capsule checkweigher

With the continuous promotion of national policies, the era of low cost, high efficiency and high quality of capsule checkweigher has arrived. Pharmaceutical machinery industry needs to move forward, among which intelligence is one of the key areas of capsule checkweigher.

Intelligence is the only way to implement the capsule checkweigher, and 2021 is an important year for the transformation of capsule checkweigher to intelligence. In 2021, we will strengthen the creation of advanced talents and push the intelligent development of capsule checkweigher to a new height.

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Post time: May-31-2021
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