The demand for capsule checkweigher is developing rapidly

The demand for capsule checkweigher is developing rapidly

As a big country, China has complete manufacturing categories and relatively perfect industrial system, and China’s capsule checkweigher industry is developing rapidly. The crisis brought by the new coronavirus epidemic in 2020 has had a huge impact on the global manufacturing supply and commodity demand, and under the multiple tests of economic operation in the era of the epidemic, the demand for capsule checkweigher in pharmaceutical factories is also increasing.

As a member of the pharmaceutical equipment industry, Suzhou Halo has been steady and practical for 16 years, specializing in providing a complete set of solutions for capsule checkweigher for pharmaceutical factories. In 2019, the domestic economic situation has undergone major changes, and Suzhou Halo Pharmaceutical can still achieve rare achievements in the industry, which is the result of Suzhou Halo’s efforts to improve the quality of equipment and improve the quality of service; in addition, Suzhou Halo also has a group of old employees with more than 10 years of experience, rich application expertise, and relatively perfect production chain and production conditions, which is also an important factor for stable development.

In terms of strategic layout, Suzhou Halo has increased the development of the domestic market and increased the research and development of capsule checkweigher. On the other hand, Suzhou Halo will further strengthen the development of intelligent manufacturing in capsule checkweigher equipment in the near future, strengthen team building in management, and improve professional skills and management level.

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