The difference between vacuum decapsulator and mechanical decapsulator

  1. The difference in principle between vacuum decapsulator and mechanical decapsulator

Vacuum decapsulator: High frequency pulsed vacuum principle, capsule body and capsule cap complete separation. Capsule shell integrity, not broken, not deformation, valuable capsule shell can even be re-used, powder without any shell fragments, powder is the original powder.

Mechanical decapsulator: The mechanism of mechanical decapsulator, the capsule is pushed through the narrow slot, forcing the body out of the capsule’s cap. Most capsules will be crushed, especially the crunchier ones, or the ones that are brittle because the powder is hygroscopic. All the capsules will be compressed and deformed to different degrees, which is not conducive to the internal powder release and recovery. According to different drugs, there are always a certain number of capsules that are squeezed but not disassembled.


2. The difference in work efficiency between vacuum decapsulator and mechanical decapsulator

Vacuum decapsulator: The efficiency of vacuum decapsulator is from 500 to 5000 caps/min.

Mechanical decapsulator: 200 to 300caps per minute. The equipment cannot operate too fast, which can easily cause mold dislocation and capsule extrusion. It often needs to be stopped for adjustment. The actual effective working speed is about 200 capsules per minute.


3. The difference in suitable capsules between vacuum decapsulator and mechanical decapsulator

Vacuum decapsulator: Applicable to all types of capsules 00# 0# 1# 2# 3# 4# 5# Supro (A, B, C, D, E). No need to change molds or adjust equipment.

Mechanical decapsulator: It is only applicable to capsules of No. 1 and 2. For small capsules under 3#, they can only be squeezed flat and cannot be squeezed open, especially for the more astringent powder with poor fluidity. For Supro safety capsules, the open rate is 0.


4. The difference in recovery rate of powder between vacuum decapsulator and mechanical decapsulator

Vacuum decapsulator: For all types of capsules, the opening rate is almost 100%, and the recovery rate of powder is more than 99%. High opening rate, the capsule shell deformation, so to ensure the complete recovery of powder residue.

Mechanical decapsulator: The recovery rate of powder cannot be guaranteed. The capsule opening rate is not optimistic, especially for the traditional Chinese medicine varieties, because the fluidity of the powder is not good, which results in squishing flat but not being able to open. The end of the good bursa cap will always be unable to screen out residual powder.

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