The industry of domestic capsule checkweigher is accelerating from the low-end market to the high-end market

The industry of Chinas capsule checkweigher has experienced a process from scratch, from slow development to rapid growth. With the rapid growth of China’s pharmaceutical market and the large-scale GMP transformation of pharmaceutical enterprises, China’s capsule checkweigher industry is ushered in a good opportunity for rapid development.

With the continuous upgrading of people’s consumption and the expansion of the demand for medical and medical products, the pharmaceutical industry can develop rapidly at the same time, which also drives the growth of the market demand for capsule checkweigher.

With the continuous development and innovation of domestic pharmaceutical machine enterprises, a considerable number of capsule checkweigher have been realized domestically, and strongly promoted the industrial upgrading of the pharmaceutical industry.

On the way of China’s capsule checkweigher to high-end products, pharmaceutical machine enterprises should actively cultivate talents through continuous innovation, and combine with customer needs to speed up technology integration, and promote the industry to the direction of high precision. Only in this way can we build a new pattern of high-end, high-quality and high-tech capsule checkweigher.

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