Urgent to accelerate the localization of pharmaceutical equipment

High-quality development of manufacturing industry, especially equipment manufacturing industry, is the top priority of China’s high-quality economic development. Pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing industry, as an important part of equipment manufacturing industry, also needs to develop in the direction of high quality and self-reliance.

Pharmaceutical equipment industry status: lack of core technology, domestic equipment lack of competitiveness

At present, in terms of the development status of China’s pharmaceutical equipment industry, the domestic pharmaceutical equipment industry has basically been able to meet the demand of the domestic market, while the scale of overseas market is also expanding, and the annual average growth rate of the total export delivery value is more than 20%.

Pharmaceutical machine personage pointed out that the domestic pharmaceutical equipment industry still has a larger space for development. But the current challenge is how to build the core technology and core competitiveness, how to quickly and effectively build brand status.

For pharmaceutical equipment enterprises, improving the level of continuous equipment, automation, information technology, and able to provide a complete solution for pharmaceutical enterprises, is the top priority for enterprise development.

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Post time: Jan-27-2021
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