Vertical Capsule Polishing Machine PCV

Vertical Capsule Polishing Machine PCV

What is Vertical Capsule Polishing Machine PCV?

Vertical capsule polishing Machine PCV, specially designed for medical, integrates multiple functions of capsule polishing, material lifting, empty and half capsule sorting into one. Compared with traditional horizontal polishing machine, it not only increases material lifting function, but also saves more floor space, making it an ideal new generation of capsule online polishing equipment.

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What is the advantages of Vertical Capsule Polishing Machine PCV?

  1. Good polishing effect, fine and soft nylon bristles, no damage to capsules, maximum production efficiency is 7500caps/min;
  2. Super high lifting distance, up to 2.5 meters, can work with any rear section equipment;
  3. With its own sorting device, it can automatically sort out the empty capsules, half capsules, broken shells and seriously insufficient capsules;
  4. The contact drug parts are made of 316L material and designed to meet the requirements of 21CFR-PART211D and cGMP;
  5. Feeding port/discharge port, throwing cylinder and spindle brush can be disassembled quickly, without tools, easy to clean, no sanitary dead angle;
  6. The height of feeding port is adjustable and can be used with any type of capsule filling machine;
  7. Stepless frequency conversion speed regulating motor, the speed is continuously adjustable, convenient for users to balance the polishing efficiency effect;
  8. Safe to use, easy to operate, equipped with PU lockable casters, easy to move.

How to use Vertical Capsule Polishing Machine PCV?

The feeding port of vertical capsule polishing machine PCV can be connected with the discharge port of various types of capsule filling machine, and the discharge port can be connected with the equipment in the rear section, such as capsule metal detector and capsule weight sampling machine, etc.

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