Deblistering مشين وغيره-120AL

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AUTOMATIC DEBLISTER MACHIEN ETC-120AL   ●Introduction: ETC-120AL is a patented equipment which can take capsules, tablets and others rapidly out from blister packs by extrusion. This equipment has special advantages for its high speed, completeness of pill-taking, and harmlessness to pills. It is a common equipment for pill-taking on the market. For different types of Aluminum Plastic Board(APB), ETC-120AL is equipped with adaptable structures to handle easily. Compared with other simil...

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  • ڏس وقت: 20 ڌنڌو ڏينهن
  • پورٽ: شنگھائي
  • ادائگي جي شرطن: آيل / س، د / ج، د / p، ٽي / ٽي
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    وغيره-120AL هڪ patented سامان جنهن extrusion جي capsules، لکئي ۽ ٻين وٺي سگهن ٿا وهن blister ٻولن کان ٻاهر آهي. اهو سامان پنهنجي تيز رفتار، pill-کڻڻ جو پورو، ۽ pills کي harmlessness لاء خاص فائدن ڪئي. اهو مارڪيٽ تي pill-وٺڻ لاء هڪ عام سامان آهي. المونيم پلاسٽڪ بورڊ (APB) جي مختلف قسمن لاء، وغيره-120AL آساني سان حل ڪرڻ لاء adaptable جوڙجڪ سان ليس آهي. ، ٻئي ساڳي مشينن سان مقابلي وغيره سيريز خاص طور تي سندن blister پيداوار مسئلا لاء، وسيع دوا جي صنعت enterprises لاء سڀ کان موزون pill-وٺڻ مشين آهي.  

    هڪ وڏو قسم، وغيره-120A سان هڪ ئي بنيادي ڍانچي حصيداري، pills ذخيرو ڪرڻ لاء هڪ stainless-نديم بيرل سان ليس آهي وغيره-120AL عمل deblistering کان آيو. 120 سيز / منٽ جي وڌ ۾ وڌ ڪم جي رفتار سان خودڪار طريقي سان کارائڻ. Blister جي کارائڻ module ۾ الئحه ٻولن لوڻ ۽ لسي هجڻ ضروري آهي. 

    ●Working Principle

    ETC Deblistering Machine is a professional equipment to squeeze things out quickly from aluminum plastic boards. Its advantages include high speed, deblistering completely and pill-shape preserving. It is a presently common-used pill-taking machine on the market. ETC is applicable for different blisters, also equipped with an easily operative regulator. These features make ETC Deblistering Machine the most ideal pill-taking equipment as a good helper to production departments.  


    1.With good appearance, clear lines and humanization design, easy to clean and use.

    2.With good material of 304 stainless steel. Rollers are made of PU and TPR, durable and wear-resisting without crumps. It can protect medicines from secondary contamination.

    3.Nicely fitted with a good result and long lifetime for use. Capsules and tablets are completely taken from blisters without any damage to pills.

    4.Reasonable and detailed design. The whole design process is in the angle of using. Operated safely, easy to move and adjust for differently sized and arranged blisters to maximize the availability in production.

    5.This product is well recognized by western clients, also received high praise from domestic users with its good effects, small size and flexible properties. Its price is good as per its high effectiveness and quality.  


    Deblister ماڊل ٽيڪنيڪل Specifications








    60 سيز / منٽ

    60 سيز / منٽ

    120 سيز / منٽ

    120 سيز / منٽ

    قابل اطلاق Blister

    ۾-ليڪ جو پڪو ارادو

    ڪنهن به قسم

    ۾-ليڪ جو پڪو ارادو

    ۾-ليڪ جو پڪو ارادو


    نيم خود

    نيم خود



    پورهيت Voltage

    220 ٿيل AC 50-60 HZ

    بجلي درجه بندي






    180 × 270 × 360 ميلي

     450 × 340 × 410 ميلي

    420 × 365 × 445mm

    410 * 360 * 1250mm






    ايئر جي سامان جو

    ن / هڪ

    4-6bar (0.4-0.6 ناراض)

    ن / هڪ

    ن / هڪ

    ايئر واپرائڻ

    ن / هڪ

     0.008m³ / منٽ

    ن / هڪ

    ن / هڪ


    ●Typical case

    More than 700 plants in China are using our DEBLISTER MACHINE.


    For more information,please click the link below where we uploaded the relevant video on Yu Tube





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