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Suzhou Halo Pharmatech Co., Ltd————Global Superior  Manufacturer Of Solving capsule/tablet weight differences



Suzhou Halo Pharmatech Co. Ltd was established in June of 2006, a manufacturer who sees innovation and originality as living principles.

За апошнія дзесяць гадоў, мы засяродзілі на даследаванні, вытворчасці і продажу абсталявання для кантролю якасці фармацэўтычных прадпрымальнікаў і прысвяціць сябе, каб дапамагчы карыстальнікам выйсці на новы ўзровень фармацэўтычнага кантролю якасці: automationized, informationized, Intelligentized і internetized вытворчага працэсу.

We are committed to help users solving problems in on-line testing and controlling of pharmaceutical production with different dosage forms to facilitate their management system. Our products: CVS (automatic capsule filling deviation monitoring machine), CMC (automatic capsule metage classifying machine), ECS (capsule on-line weighing and sorting machine) and CS (automatic vacuum decapsulator) are innovative in the world.

Meantime, we provide the customization for various on-line inspection machines, such as composition detection machine or visual inspection machine.

Suzhou Halo Pharmatech Co. Ltd is a member of China Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Association and China Weighing Instrument Association (CWIA). We highly value technical innovations and have got 117 patents by the end of 2015.

Our company is committed to the science and technology in the field of pharmaceutical, focus on customer value creation, constantly seeking the best solution to solve the problem for the customer.The company has always been to customer demand as the guidance, to provide customers with quality products and services.

«Толькі інавацыі, першы або самы лепшы» гэта наш дэвіз. Для таго, каб задаволіць патрэбы кліентаў і рынку, мы працягваем распрацоўку новых мадэляў і перадачы тэхналогіі мадэрнізацыі вытворчасці для нашых кліентаў.


● The meaning of the LOGO

logo2This logo is  a combination of the Chinese name of the company "hanlong" and the English name "HALO" initial letter "H" .The "H" letter is slightly deformed, the pattern is naturally formed in accordance with the symbol of the industry ,adopts the common red hat white body, and the "H" letter adopts the purple color with a sense of science and technology.The logo design is ingenious, stable and atmospheric, square and symmetrical, firm and upright, with good visual effect and profound meaning, in line with the trend of international development.



● The enterprise culture

Enterprise spirit: honesty, innovation, diligence, customer first

Enterprise mission: in the field of pharmaceutical production, we combine quality management with automation system to realize the automation, informatization and Intellectualization ,to help enterprises monitor drug production process better ,improve drug production quality and serve human's healthy !

Corporate vision: to become a well-known supplier of pharmaceutical production quality management , and aim to providing our products to every pharmaceutical enterprise.




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