Automatic Tablet/Capsule Feeding Machine

Automatic Tablet/Capsule Feeding Machine DTC

Automatic capsule feeding machine DTL adopts patented technology, specially designed for the lifting feeding of tablets and filled capsules. It can be used for aluminum plastic bubble cap packaging machine, counting bottling machine and other equipment.

DTL is composed of six main parts: low level barrel, vibration transfer groove, transfer hopper, lifting sliding table, discharging groove and operation control panel. The working process: The material is conveniently added into the low level barrel, low level barrel butt with vibration transfer groove(transfer groove can be also directly butted with the user customized turnover barrel), after capsule feeding machine starts to work, the material automatically enters the transfer hopper located at the loading station through the vibration transfer groove from the bottom outlet of the low level barrel. When the surface sensor of the transfer hopper detects that the material reaches a predetermined height, the vibration transfer groove stops feeding, the transfer hopper rises to the discharging position along the lifting sliding table, and automatically opens the discharging valve. Under the effect of gravity, the material in the transfer hopper flows out of the discharging valve and falls into the hopper of the packaging machine through the discharging groove. After the unloading is completed, the discharging valve automatically closes. At the same time, the transfer hopper automatically drops to the loading station and fills up the material again. When the material in the low level barrel is consumed, capsule/tablet feeding machine will automatically alarm to remind, and the transfer hopper will recycle in this way, so as to realize the automatic feeding.



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