Capsule checkweigher transformation and upgrading accelerated

In recent years, supported by a series of favorable policies, the domestic capsule checkweigher industry developed rapidly and upgraded accelerated.

Intelligent, the development of capsule checkweigher is irreversible.

In terms of intelligence, drug quality is directly related to the life safety of patients, so every link needs to strictly observe the quality. Among them, the quality of upstream pharmaceutical equipment also affects the quality and safety of drug. With the continuous development of China’s pharmaceutical industry, as well as stricter drug quality supervision, capsule checkweigher towards intelligent development has become an irreversible trend.

Fining, capsule checkweigher helps pharmaceutical enterprises to produce more efficient, low cost

In terms of fining, with the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, the continuous upgrading of pharmaceutical equipment technology and process, as well as the rising cost year by year, the pharmaceutical industry in China has new demands, and the requirements for capsule checkweigher are more and more fining.

Green, capsule checkweigher throughout the product life cycle management

With the promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection policy concept, green throughout the life cycle management of capsule checkweigher, including the design, manufacturing, core technology and other aspects for capsule checkweigher, which also leads the pharmaceutical machine enterprises to develop in the direction of green.

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