Did you hear about Automatic Pill & Irregular Tablet Checkweigher PMC?

What is automatic pill & irregular tablet checkweigher?

PMC automatic pill & irregular tablet checkweigher can be used for precise weighing detection of granular drugs by changing the corresponding mold, such as irregular tablets, deep-arc tablets, soft capsules, traditional Chinese medicine pills, etc. PMC can weigh offline or online, quickly eliminate the weight of unqualified products.

There are two application scenarios for PMC. One is for full weighing detection of soft capsule, Chinese medicine pill and other dosage forms with low production efficiency. Second, it is used for sampling and weighing detection of various tablets with high production efficiency. In the application of tablet sampling, increasing the amount of sampling and increasing the sampling frequency can be easily realized. It can be sampled to all die hole, or it can be used to sample and weigh every 10 minutes, which is 100 times higher than the manual sampling method, and the tablet weight can be better controlled.

What is the advantages of automatic pill & irregular tablet checkweigher?

  1. The core part of the equipment adopts high-precision electromagnetic balance weighing sensor, DSP high-speed signal processing system, military aviation level software algorithm, accurate and rapid measurement data, stable operation, strong ability to resist environmental interference;
  2. It can detect soft capsules of various shapes, traditional Chinese medicine pills of various sizes, as well as various conventional and irregular tablets;
  3. The mold adopts building block bond and positioning structure, and can be quickly disassembled and installed by hand when changing the mold, with accurate positioning;
  4. Small volume, does not take up space, easy to move;
  5. Reasonable design, few equipment failure points, easy to use, simple operation and maintenance, low maintenance cost;
  6. Production recipe management call, rich data statistics, data storage, query and print functions;
  7. Preset qualified range, quickly eliminate weight of unqualified products;
  8. Humanization operation interface, intuitive chart display;
  9. The human-machine interface synchronously displays the weight value of each channel, and visually displays the qualified or not of the current channel products in the form of green and red histogram respectively. The equipment synchronously lights up the indicator light, making the detection process more intuitive;
  10. The innovative three-channel design of good, bad and uninspected products, which perfectly solves the discharge problem of uninspected products during abnormal shutdown and eliminates misjudgment;
  11. Automatic alarm of equipment failure, prompt alarm information;
  12. Comply with 21CFR Part11, three level password, electronic record electronic signature, ensure data integrity, easy for audit tracking;
  13. Rich peripheral interface, Ethernet, USB, COM port, wireless Wifi, convenient for remote monitoring and networking data exchange.IMG_1750

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