The next decade will be the golden age for the development of Capsule Checkweigher CMC

What development trends will capsule checkweigher CMC show in the future?

Capsule checkweigher CMC breaks through the bottleneck of core technology, improves the ability of R&D and design, and grasps the leading position in the industry. In the future, capsule checkweigher CMC will show the development trend of integration, continuity, automation and intelligence.

In the aspect of integration, along with the continuous improvement of the environmental requirements and production requirements of pharmaceutical workshop, as well as the rising cost, the integrated products can meet the requirements of pharmaceutical enterprises, capsule checkweigher CMC and other auxiliary equipment to greatly save the floor space and land use cost. At present, some pharmaceutical enterprises are also transforming from a single equipment supplier to a total solution supplier of pharmaceutical equipment. Therefore, Suzhou Halo can provide better support for customers.

In terms of continuity, the realization of continuous production for capsule checkweigher CMC is conducive to helping pharmaceutical enterprises save energy and reduce consumption, and at the same time greatly improve production efficiency, reduce costs and promote their innovative development.

In terms of informatization, CMC informatization application can realize the network communication function between devices. For example, capsule checkweigher and the capsule filling machine can realize the communication connection, and capsule checkweigher can feedback the testing results to the capsule filling machine, so as to help the capsule machine adjust the loading volume.

In addition, in terms of automation and intelligence, with the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, the traditional manual sampling of capsule has been difficult to meet the needs of pharmaceutical enterprises. In recent years, intelligence helps enterprises to improve production efficiency, reduce error rate, further reduce enterprise costs, and help pharmaceutical enterprises to achieve rapid development and lean production.

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Post time: Feb-26-2021
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