To improve the quality of capsule checkweigher, do three important things

In recent years, the scale of China’s pharmaceutical equipment industry has been expanding, and the product categories have become increasingly rich, which can basically meet the needs of domestic pharmaceutical enterprises. Capsule checkweigher has been in the high-end level, but the foreign pharmaceutical factory is still dominated by foreign capsule checkweigher.

In the process of promoting the development of China’s capsule checkweigher from low-end to high-end direction, the quality improvement of capsule checkweigher is the key. How to improve the quality of capsule checkweigher? Industry figures put forward three suggestions: one is to vigorously improve the quality of supply; Second, vigorously implement brand strategy; Third, we will strengthen innovation in standards.

一、Vigorously improve the quality of supply for capsule checkweigher

In the past, many pharmaceutical equipment enterprises ignored the quality of capsule checkweigher, to compete at low levels and low prices. With the regulatory requirements of pharmaceutical industry become stricter, as well as the improvement of GMP and other related requirements, pharmaceutical enterprises have changed the needs and requirements of capsule checkweigher, the quality improvement of capsule checkweigher is imminent.

二、Vigorously implement brand strategy of capsule checkweigher

At present, with the increase of raw materials and labor costs year by year, lean management and intelligent upgrading are becoming the important direction of quality brand construction of capsule checkweigher. Pharmaceutical equipment enterprises attach importance to the concept of lean management, build a lean quality management system, ensure the quality of capsule checkweigher, promote lean production, and achieve reduction and efficiency.

三、Strengthen innovation in standards

The scientific and technological innovation level of capsule checkweigher determines the level of pharmaceutical equipment. With the development of pharmaceutical industry toward high quality, higher requirements will be put forward for the structure parameters, process parameters, control mode and other aspects of capsule checkweigher. In this context, capsule checkweigher needs to continue to strengthen research and development investment, continuous innovation technology.

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Post time: Apr-01-2021
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