The functions of deblister machine

The Functions of Deblister Machine

Introduction of Deblister Machine

Deblister Machine ETC is a small equipment to squeeze drugs(capsule, tablet, soft capsule, etc.) out quickly from aluminum plastic blister boards. Deblister machine is often used in aluminum plastic blister packaging workshops.

Advantages of  Deblister Machine

  1. The spare parts of deblister machine adopt imported processing equipment, high precision, will not crush the capsule and tablets, and tablets completely from the aluminum-plastic boards.
  2. The design of deblister machine is reasonable, and the operation of deblister machine is safe.
  3. The body of deblister machine is 304 stainless steel,  the component in contact with drug is 316L stainless steel. The roller of deblister machine is made of pure PU material with ox roller, which is wear-resistant and will never drop debris, to maximize the protection of drugs from any secondary pollution.
  4. Precise coordination among moving parts of deblister machine, precise operation, small wear, motor heat dissipation design, long service life.
  5. Different plate size and arrangement of the drug plate could be used, easy to adjust, the maximum close to the actual use of the workshop needs.
  6. Simple structure, no redundant and complicated, easy to disassemble and install in contact with drug parts, easy to clean.
  7. Excellent design, reasonable structure, accurate and convenient adjustment, small size does not take up space, PU casters easy to move.
  8. With CE certification, deblister machine exported to Europe and The United States. The performance and appearance of deblister machine is well received by domestic and foreign users. European and American quality, mid-range price, high cost performance.

Parameters of Deblister Machine

1. Models of deblister machine: ETC-60N/ ETC-120A/ ETC-120AL

2. Work Efficiency of deblister machine: ETC-60N is 60 caps/min, ETC-120A and ETC-120AL are both 120 caps/min.

3. Work Mode of deblister machine: ETC-60N is semi-auto, ETC-120A and ETC-120AL are full auto.

4. Weight of deblister machine: ETC-60N is 12kg, ETC-120A is 15kg, ETC-120AL is 30kg.

Deblister ETC-60N (1) Deblister ETC-120AL (1) Deblister Machine ETC-120A (1)



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