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Automatic Capsule Metage Classifying Machine(CMC)   ●Introduction: In the production of capsules, fluctuations of capsule weights usually occur under the affection of human, machine, material, methods and environment. Some capsules are out of range expressing a high risk on quality which should be seen as “risky products”. How to deal with numerous risky products is always a headache for the quality control department and the production department. CMC (Automatic Capsule Metage Classifying M...

  • Min.Order مقدار: 1 ٽڪرو
  • ڏس وقت: 20 ڌنڌو ڏينهن
  • پورٽ: شنگھائي
  • ادائگي جي شرطن: آيل / س، د / ج، د / p، ٽي / ٽي
  • پيداوار وڌيڪ تفصيل

    پيداوار ٽيگ

    خودڪار Capsule Metage Classifying مشين (کنن)




    capsules جي پيداوار ۾، capsule وزن جي لاهه چاڙهه عام طور تي انسان، مشين، مواد، طريقن ۽ ماحول جو تنهنجو هيٺ نمودار. ڪجهه capsules معيار تي هڪ اعلي خطري جنهن طور "رسڪ واري مصنوعات" ڏٺو وڃي جو اظهار حد کان ٻاهر آهن. ڪيئن ٻيا رسڪ واري شين سان ڊيل ڪرڻ لاء هميشه سنڌ جي معيار کي ڪنٽرول کاتي ۽ پيداوار کاتي لاء هڪ درد آهي.

    کنن (خودڪار Capsule Metage Classifying مشين) capsules هڪ طرف هڪ اپايو، کين سٺي گهرن ۾ classifying ۽ ٺھرايل وزن حد مطابق ڪوڙ. اهو، اعلي ڪارڪردگي سان perfectly هلندي خرچ گھٽجي ٿو ۽ capsule معيار کي بهتر ڪرڻ ۾ مدد ڪري.

    "extendable يونٽ جي جوڙجڪ" ۽ "لامحدود ٻيو سلسلو" - ان کان علاوه، کنن سيريز جي ڪم جي ڪارڪردگي کي ان جي تخليقي ڪم صورت سان infinitely وڌي سگهجي ٿو. تنهن ڪري، ان کي ڀريندؤ. مشين جي پيداوار مان هر capsule توريو کي ڪنهن به capsule کي مربوط ڪري سگهجي ٿو.


    Extendable unit structure: the number of operation units is selectable according to production need

    Operation unit: each operation unit has an inspection efficiency of 400 caps/min. The equation of model selection is:Number of operation units = capsule filler efficiency/400

    Control unit: controls other units, must be selected in every CMC.

    ●Performance and advantages:

    1.High precision weighing sensor and DSP fast single processing system used in the core part of the equipment enable accurate and rapid data measurement

    2.This equipment could classify:capsule sizes of 00#,0#,1#,2#,3#,4#,5#;all kinds of safety capsule ;long tablet shaped like capsule.(other shapes of tablets could use TMC series do detect their weight)

    3.Mold is constructed by overlapping blocks and lock-in structure,it could be disassembled immediately upon the changing of capsule size and installed just in the right position.

    4.The machine uses "unit extension structure"and "infinite parallel connection"have greatly improved the work efficiency.It's just for you to choose the equipment size according to your product condition.

    5.This equipment could identifying the qualified and unqualified capsule upon a specific range set in advance.The light flash tells when it detects the unqualified.

    6.This equipment can make a comprehensive data statistics and print them out.

    7.Product information could be saved automatically and permanently and you could check in as much as you want.

    8.Touch screen and friendly man-machine interface make the operation more simple and clear.






    ... (وغيره.)


    400 capsules / منٽ

    800 capsules / منٽ

    1200 capsules / منٽ

    ن * 400 capsules / منٽ

    قابل اطلاق Capsule ماپ

    00 # -5 #

    00 # -5 #

    00 # -5 #

    00 # -5 #

    حد وزني






    ± 2mg / 3mg ±

    ± 2mg / 3mg ±

    ± 2mg / 3mg ±

    ± 2mg / 3mg ±


    220V 60Hz

    220V 60Hz

    220V 60Hz

    220V 60Hz

    ايئر جي سامان جو





    بجلي درجه بندي






    830 * 530 * 1670

    1230 * 530 * 1670

    1630 * 530 * 1670



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