Multifunctional Tablet Production Quality Online Monitoring Detection Machine for Batches TVS

Product Information

Monitoring detection machine for batches TVS enables the quality indicators of the tablet and the operation of tablet press machine to be closely and effectively monitored at all times, to detect problems in time, immediately alert and isolate the risky product sections. Monitoring detection machine for batches TVS enables remote monitoring at the production site, real-time understanding of what is going on at the production site, and clairance-vision and wind-tunnel ears for production and quality management personnel.

As a set of powerful quality control system, monitoring detection machine for batches TVS is the process control of tablet production quality, a powerful tool to find problems in the first place and help production personnel to find problems quickly, an effective implementation tool of SPC quality management concept, and an effective guarantee for product quality.

Value to users

1. Monitoring detection machine for batches TVS is connected with capsule filling machine and tablet press machine, sampling ceaselessly according to the scheduled time interval, can be monitored 24 hours a day, the weight of capsule and tablet will not appear abnormal, because once appear abnormal, it will be found immediately, CVS will alarm to remind, and at the same time, there are risks of product segments was immediately isolated, so closely monitored the CVS in 24 hours, whether the product quality, or production equipment running status, all in a controllable state, not a problem.

2. All grain weight data of tablet is true and reliable, and the statistical information is detailed and recorded permanently, can query can print, the sample test record of grain weight printed out on paper has comprehensive information and detailed data, can be directly as a batch production records, the disadvantages of manual sampling weighing and recording are exempted, greatly reduced the operator labor intensity, make the drug quality control more on a new step.

3. In terms of timeliness and effectiveness of risk management and control, the detection for batches and isolation function of monitoring detection machine for batches TVS, can reduce the risk of scope to the minimum level, can down the material waste to the minimum level.

4. In terms of compliance, monitoring detection machine for batches TVS meets the highest requirements of cGMP and GMAP5, strictly complies with all regulations of US FDA 21CFR-PART11, meets all requirements of data integrity, and electronic data is convenient for quality traceability and audit tracking.

5. Monitoring detection machine for batches TVS’s powerful functions and remote monitoring make production and quality management more simple and effective. CVS is not only a practical tool to improve quality and realize SPC statistical process control of drug quality, but also a necessary hardware facility for enterprises to upgrade manufacturing and realize artificial and unmanned workshops.

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